Hilltop Honey and Maple

Can you see my tongue?

Here on the Hilltop, our philosophy is first and foremost to have fun.  Secondly, we need to make sure we are good stewards of both the land as well as for the creatures that we share it with.

For updates on things as they happen here on our little hilltop, use the blog posts at the right.  As this is also a family site, please note that some of the posts are private and for family only. Thank you for your understanding.

During the early spring you will find Penny and I collecting sap and boiling it in small batches in our wood fired evaporator. This is also a time to begin the yearly bee work.  Hives that did not survive the winter need to be prepped for their new inhabitants, equipment needs to be cleaned and painted and the health of surviving colonies attended to.

Summer brings a tremendous amount of bee work. It is important to us that we do not use any chemicals in our colonies.  This means that we need to pay attention to the bees and utilize a labor intensive, but fun, Integrated Pest management system to control mite diseases and pests.

Hilltop Maple is what we like to call a micro-producer. We work really hard to craft and refine natures first harvest.  Bringing you the best product we, in conjunction with mother nature, can.

Many of today’s sugar makers tap thousands of trees, use all manner of mechanical means to pipe, haul and refine the sap before boiling.  There is nothing wrong with that, we just prefer to keep it small and to keep it real.

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