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Queen and attendants

Well, the 2010 sugaring season has ended. We had a bit of a flury there at the end to push us over 20 total gallons of syrup made for the year, but all in all we were a little disappointed. Every thing is cleaned up, put away and ready for next year.  It is time now to pay attention to the bees.  Before leaving the maple behind, we thought we would share some numbers with you…

For 2010 we:

  • Hauled 1005 Gallons of sap.
  • Averaged of 7.5  gallons per tap
  • Averaged of  about a pint of syrup per tap
  • Averaged of 42 gallons of sap per gallon of syrup
  • Boiled 960 gallons of sap (some of it fermented before we could get to it)
  • Made 23 Gallons of syrup
  • Cleaned 135 sap buckets, covers and taps

Over the last couple of years we have:

  • Hauled 4775 gallons of sap
  • Hauled 1200 pounds of syrup
  • Drilled 467 holes in trees
  • Boiled 4670 Gallons of sap
  • Produced nearly 108 gallons of syrup
  • Averaged 1.5% sugar in our sap
  • Averaged 43 gallons of sap per gallon of syrup

Posted on 12 April '10 by Counselor, under Hilltop Honey, Hilltop Maple.

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