The Offending Solder Joint

The Offending Solder Joint

You may be asking yourself, what the heck am I looking at?  This is/was one big headache Wednesday evening and yesterday (March 6) Morning.  Essentially, what you see is a nice newly soldered joint where the flow from the back pan enters the front finishing pan. Wednesday night, we noticed that this joint was leaking, but pushed on, thinking that we would be able to make a “quick repair” before our next boil.  After several failed attempts to fix this ourselves, the quick repair turned out to involve an emergency trip to Swanton where we begged the kind folks at Leader Evaporator to make the repair for us. $16 later we were on our way repaired pan in tow.


This small “issue” occurred when we were expecting to gather over 100 gallons of sap to go along with the 100 or so that was in the sugar house already.  We had anticipated a bit of a long day, but could have done without the stress that this created. Once fixed though, it really was a perfect day for making syrup.  The fire was running nice and hot, producing a great boil and quick evaporation.  The quicker you can get the sap processed the better your finished product will be.  Yesterday, we produced over 3 gallons of some of the best tasting syrup we have ever made. Prior to that, we had made a little over a gallon of fancy, we hope there is more of that to come.

Today, March 7, is predicted to be another great day for sugaring.  We will not have enough to boil today but the sap should really run.  After a brief check early this AM we already had buckets 1/4 full so we should be in it again today and boiling tomorrow evening. We’ll keep you all posted

Drawing Off

Posted on 7 March '10 by Counselor, under Hilltop Honey, Hilltop Maple.

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